Infill home builder in Edmonton

Boutique home builder focused on revitalizing YEGS inner city neighborhoods with trendy single and multifamily developments


Any residential project executed in an established mature neighborhood is considered to be an infill development. Infill is going to help reshape Edmonton's inner city and surrounding areas by revitalizing aged neighborhoods with new housing choices. Hereby bringing residents back into Edmontons core, once again creating lively active neighborhoods!


We've done this a few times.. Our process starts and ends with the client foremost, whether it be an investor looking to invest in a multifamily build or a client looking to build their forever home, we have the capacity to hit any deliverable.


We cap the number of projects we start in a year, we are a boutique builder looking to work closely with our clients. We have time for coffee meets and one on ones. We enjoy having our brains picked! We strive to deliver a home that is built correctly, we are building homes above industry standard. We build homes to last!


We love sharing our passion for building great homes and spreading awareness about infill development. We also have multiple lots in many sought after Edmonton infill zones. Subscribe to be sent a periodic newsletter highlighting infill as well as a list of our lots available to be built on.

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